YouTube Keyword Research 2019

YouTube Keyword Research 2019

Learn how to increase your YouTube views by leveraging the power of free tools you already have that can help you select better keyword phrases on YouTube.

In this video, I share five steps to take your keyword research to the next level. YouTube keyword research 2019 is all about working smart, identifying the keywords that make sense for you channel and optimizing those phrases when uploading.

This video will help you do just that.

Nick Nimmin:
Primal Video:
Shannon Vlogs:

B-Roll footage was taken the day after VIDSUMMIT 2019, with Nick Nimmin, Justin and Mike Brown and Shannon Vlogs.

Favorite YouTube Tools:

My YouTube Gear:

Free YouTube Starter Kit

– 12 Step Upload Checklist
– TubeBuddy Integration (Free YouTube Software)
– YouTube End Screen Templates
– YouTube eBook

FREE YouTube Software & Checklist – How I Increased Views by 439%


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