【2019】Keyword Research Tutorial For Blog Posts-Rank Website #1 on Google |Free SEO Tips|More Traffic

Research Less Competitive Keywords For Blog Posts & Rank Your Website No. 1 #1 On Google with Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO Tutorial in Hindi 2019.

In this video I am going to tell you about How to do Best Keyword Researching For Beginner Bloggers which have Less Competition & High Search Volumes – with the help of Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO like Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Many Beginner Bloggers search about, How to Rank my Website/Blog High or #1 on Google Search Results.

So keep watching this video till the end, at the end of this Keyword Research Tutorial, you will be able to Find/Research Keywords for Your Blog Posts/ any e commerce website also.

This is a 4 step Method of Keyword Research 2019.

The 1st Step is:

1. Find the Best and Profitable Keywords for the article you are planning to write about.
You can take the help of any Free Keyword Research Tool like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest to find the Targeted Keyword(s).
Do deep research or Advance Keyword Research Technique.

2. After Keyword Research, Find the Competition of the Targeted Keywords/Phrase.
You can simply put your targeted Keywords in double quotes [” “] on google and press enter.

Now you will be able to see the Exact Results about that keywords. These are the bloggers and companies which are trying to Rank High on Google using these keywords.

3. After Finding the Search Volumes and Competition of Keyword(targeted), Find the Competition On the Title.

Title Competition means, you have to find those articles/blog posts on Google which are using your targeted keyword(s) in their title of Blog Posts.

Suppose your targeted Keyword is “Best SEO Company in Delhi”. So you have to do exactly this. Just Put “intitle” before your Keyword and search on Google.

Do exactly like this – intitle:”best seo company in Delhi”.

After this all the articles which have included this long tail keyword, will be shown in Google.
This will bring down the results very low, even you can’t guess.
This is the best technique of Keyword Researching for your Blog posts.
or I can say like Keyword Research For Beginner Bloggers.

4. If you really want to Get High Rank on Google, then must follow this technique in Keyword Research for your website.
You have to do the same like last step.

This time you have to find the URL Competition. So, How to Find the URL Competition/Search Volume?

Simply, search like this– inurl:”best seo company in delhi” and hit enter. This time also, results will be very less as compared to lat step.

After doing this you can target your keywords.
So, this was all about Keyword Research For Beginner Bloggers.

You can follow the same strategy and find the less competitive keywords for blog posts.
This is how you can get no 1 rank on Google very soon by increasing the website traffic organically.

Thanks for Watching.

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