How to do Keyword Research for SEO in 2018 – 3 Simple Tips

If you’re wondering how to do keyword research for SEO whether that be for your blog or other clients, then you came to the right place. Far too often people get this wrong and leads to them generating little to zero traffic (and eventually giving up). To check out the blog post version of this video, please go here:

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A few questions I receive a lot from people is “how can I find the right keywords” or “how come I’m not ranking for any of the keywords I’m targeting” or “how do you properly do keyword research”. The common trend I unfortunately see is people targeting keywords that are way too broad and/or competitive in nature. Instead I recommend that bloggers to go after long-tail type keyword phrases. This means targeting phrases that contain 3-5 words in them instead of 1-2. This will actually give you a much better chance of ranking in the search engines and gaining some traction…especially if you’re running a new website (with little authority).

Now I’m not against going after more competitive keywords once your blog builds a following/gains more authority, however to start, you’d be wise to take a more long-tail keyword approach. Keyword research definitely takes some practice and time to get better at but luckily there are many great tools out there today that can really help you come up with some excellent terms. Have an idea in your mind of what type of term you’d like to target for a blog post, plug that term into a keyword research tool and then export some longer-tail variations of that term. Focus on those longer-tail terms for your content generation and SEO tags. Fine-tune this strategy over-time and you’ll start seeing increases in organic traffic with the keywords you are ranking for.

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