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About the Pest Geek Podcast

I started the podcast because i saw such a need to continuously train pest control technicians but unfortunately the only training most of us get is at the annual CEU training, but so much happens throughout the year that affects us but we never find out about it.

Most pest control business are solopreneurs or small operations of less than 10 employees, between sales and service call you have to do marketing and bookkeeping, order products, and everything else that will fall on you plate that day.

You don’t have time to read articles, surf the web, scourge thru magazines or much less read 180 page Phd dissertation, but you can listen to an audio version if it doesn’t interrupt your day, like on your morning commute or while you are performing a mind numbing task.

I know what its like i am Certified Pest Control Operator in General Household Pests and Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control in the State of Florida as well as a Certified Horticultural Specialist From Miami Dade College. Im also also a State Certified Best Management Instructor.

I created the Pest Geek Podcast because i love to learn, teach and instruct as well as a love to serve others and what a wonderful way to give back.

I hope this podcast will make a huge contribution to the pest management industry.

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